Does Interior design affect your mental health?

Feng Shui, Interior design, Mental Health, Visual Culture

So I am writing a dissertation on how mental health can be affected by our surroundings, in this case I will be focusing more on interiors.



(Image from

One of my starting points for research bought me to Feng shui, ‘decluttering your bedroom helps to declutter your mind’. I want to find out how true this is based on facts. How can decluttering an interior have anything to do with your mental health?

I know from personal experience tidying my bedroom and throwing away stuff I hadn’t used in a few months helped my mental state, I was able to relax a bit more and stay asleep for longer periods which meant I wasn’t waking up so often during the night, I even told my friend to do the same thing when she found herself in bit of a wired state of mind. However it never cured me of my depression or anxiety it just relieved the pressure off of me for a short period. So I wander if it had affected my mental health or whether It was due to other things such as medications or just the state of mind changing as it does with everyone whether they suffer with mental health issues or not which makes it a coincidence.

(I think Feng Shui is a great starting point for my research)



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