Textures of the Jungle

Design, Interior design, Surface, Textiles

For my final major project at uni I am focusing my work on tropical rainforests and to make it more interesting I am looking into the textures within, from plants to the birds to the animals.

My starting point for creating textures was using an embellisher with various fabrics and materials so I dived into the scrap bin to find a range of textures I thought would relate to the rainforest and got started on the embellisher. Combining various fabrics together resulted in some very interesting textures.


This photo above shows one of the samples I produced on the Embellisher, It reminds me of moss, with this particular sample I cut it in half so that the front and back was visible in my texture sample book as I quite liked both sides of the sample as they created different textures.


This sample above is gold foil on suede, I must admit I quite like this sample, the contrast of the soft fabric with the smooth shiny surface of the gold foil is very effective, I just want to touch it every time I see it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 15.22.52

Another sample using feathers which obviously relates to the birds within the rainforest, I really love the texture it creates, it gives a soft fluffy touch to a fabric which I would love to develop further when it comes to putting these textures into designs.


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