More on Grayson Perry

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So as I’ve been researching the artist, Grayson Perry, I watched many of his documentaries such as All Man and Who are you, Both series have been very interesting to see how Perry collects research and how he interprets what he finds into artwork. From watching these programmes Emotions have been at the base of each one in which Grayson Perry captures those emotions and reflects them back from his artwork.

However I have also been reading the book his friend Wendy Jones wrote: Grayson Perry Portrait of the artist as a young girl, this book is packed with so much emotion and stories of the artists life. It reveals the story of Alan Measles and why he is so important to Perrys life and his artwork. The detail of Perrys imagination is so interesting. This book has given me a true insight to the Artist and has enabled me to make connections between his childhood and the art he creates today. Reading the book has given me a much richer quality of research and understanding of Grayson Perry himself and his Art I will be looking at throughout my dissertation.

The mental health side of this book I think niggles down to the amount of neglect I discovered Grayson Perry went through as a child, constant set backs and battles to be accepted for being himself have all had an affect on him psychologically in which he had therapy for. His detailed imagination as a child was a form of escapism from the reality he had to face every day, I believe Perry uses art these days to share his imagination with other people and make people understand what he went through and to prove that no one should be treated differently for being who they are.

I am finding Grayson Perry very interesting, he is a very clever man with a great deal of knowledge and understanding of his topics which I think reflects from his artwork, the great depth and symbols he includes to make an impact on the people looking at his art. Grayson ensures every piece he creates means something and will have an impact on people whether its a positive or negative impact, the emotional connections will always show through Perrys work.


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