Chapter one

Art, Art Culture, Art Therapy, Communication, Design, Expressionism, Grayson Perry, Mental Health, Mental Illness, Symbolism, Visual Culture

I am starting to write my dissertation in which I’m not starting from the beginning but at chapter one, it is all about Grayson Perry and his artwork, talking mostly about the emotions of the pieces I have researched. I am still researching so for now I plan on just writing up everything I found out then once I have all my research I will then edit the dissertation.

So far in chapter one I have covered Grayson Perrys childhood and how he used Alan Measles internal world as a form of escapism from the harsh reality he endured as a child. Perry still refers to Alan Measles in his artwork today which is a constant reminder of that little boy who felt trapped its almost like a comfort blanket, its familiar for Grayson with such an unsettled childhood, Alan Measles seemed to be the only stable thing Grayson had?

I have written about some of his artwork he made during the documentary series he made call All Man. The series was about the mental health of men and how the pressures of being masculine had on the various men within Grayson research. The first one I have touched upon is Death of a Working Hero, this piece is a tapestry which I felt was packed with emotion.

Pre-press GP584_Death of a Working Hero_2016 - Email.jpg


A lot of men feel the need to provide and protect so in order for this they must be tough, however the tapestry shows a small boy clutching a teddy bear which could represent the child in every man who is afraid of appearing sensitive and weak. That little boy is afraid of being ridiculed and told to act a certain way in order to be accepted in society.

The other piece I have been looking at is Shadow Boxing, a vase that conveys the brutality of mental health in men and the silent suffering they endure just to appear masculine.


(Own photo, taken from the book: the most popular art exhibition ever Grayson Perry)

It has a stereotypical take on the laddish culture of men and the expectations expected of them. I feel as though this one is a metaphor of the way depression can be described, dark ghostly figure/ shadow like.



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